Oracles of Jetstone

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The Power of the Oracles

The Oracles of Jetstone seem to have an ability that allows them to predict the most likely future. They do not make prophetic statements that are certain to come true, rather they seem to be able to weight different outcomes of a series of events and say which is the most likely to come to pass.

The better the Oracle, the more distant and complicated an outcome they can predict. Also, more skilled Oracles are able to introduce future choices into their predictions. They can say what the most likely outcome will be, and then modify that prediction based on some proposed action.

Even the most certain of predictions will not have any guarantee of coming to pass, especially if the Oracle lacks information that is crucial to the problem. While the power does seem to compensate to some extent for a lack of information, it is known that the more the Oracle knows about the situation, the better and more accurate of predictions he can make.

Oracles in Jetstone’s Society

The Oracles operate as members of a religious sect in Jetstone, withdrawing from society to study and make their predictions. Because of this, much is commonly known about how the power has been useful to people, and some of it’s limitations, but very little about how the power is gained. There are initiations and ceremonies associated with becoming an Oracle, but if those are necessary or just part of the ritual is unknown.

Oracles are chosen by other Oracles who predict that a certain person has a very good chance of being skilled at the art. From there, the person is taken off to the temples and comes back as an Oracle. To a person familiar with Powers, it seems as if there might be some kind of initiation required, as the period of learning for new Oracles is not especially long. Of course, it is also possible that the established Oracles simply pick those that have the capacity to learn the craft extremely quickly and well.

Oracles of Jetstone

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