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Trump Sorcery

Trump Sorcery is not based on any power that has a physical locus, or at least, no such locus have ever been found, and Trump seems to work equally well regardless of which side of the universe one is on.

Trump Sorcerers do not hang spells in the same way that other Sorcerers do. They create cards that will contain their spells. These cards are obviously very abstract, and do not function as regular trumps. Instead, they maintain a constant trickle of psychic connection to the sorcerer’s mind, keeping the complex weave of the spell active. A sorcerer can only maintain so many such cards at a time before one of the connections is inevitably lost.

The power released when a spell is cast also overwhelms that sensitive link. Casting the spell opens a special Trump connection between the sorcerer and the card. When that connection ends with the end of the spell, the whole link collapses, including the faint connection. Some time and quiet is needed for the sorcerer to be able to study the card and attune his mind to it again.

Trump sorcerers try to make their spell-cards as flexible as possible by creating images that will work with a variety of spells. Because the meat of the spell is maintained in the psychic medium while the card is partially activated, changes can be made to spells without having to create a whole new card. A trump card that was created to serve as a holder for a levitation spell might also work fine for a telekinisis spell, or a spell that creates gusts of wind.

Changing the particulars of a spell is a lot faster than making a whole new card, and also allows the sorcerer the flexibility to have a range of spells without needing to de-attune some cards and re-attune others on a constant basis.

Trump Sorcery Extensions

The following extensions can only be used by sorcerers using Trump as a power source. Some of them may be available to Dabblers, and if so the extension will note that in its description.


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