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Logrus Sorcery

As with Pattern Sorcery, Logrus sorcery draws upon the Logrus itself. With greater proximity to the writhing Logrus, comes a noticeable increase in the power of the chaosian’s spells. Likewise, distance diminishes Logrus sorcery slightly.

Logrus users must bring up the Eye of the Logrus in order to hang their spells, though they need not summon it in order to cast them. Spells are woven into the shifting fabric of the Logrus and remain there, though the Logrus slowly alters and corrupts them over time. The gyrations of the Logrus are infinate, and any number of spells may be cast into it, but over time as the spells decay they become useless or dangerous. The practical limit to a Logrus user’s suite of spells is how much time he or she is willing to put into maintaining the spells, and how good she is at building spells that corrupt slowly. Logrus users must typically restrict their total number of Lynchpins, in order to make their spells more stable, but have a large number of total spells they can call on.

Logrus Sorcery Extensions

The following extensions can only be purchased by Logrus sorcerers. Some of them may be available to dabblers, and if so the extension description will note that.


The Shroud of Silk Drascus