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Necropolis is a shadow of some power that has become home to children of Amber that live in exile. Established by Talbott after his father’s death, the city began as a place to study Necromancy, in the hopes of resurecting Finndo.

Since then, it has been adapted by the arrival of other Amberites to provide a meeting place and home away from home for those that stay away from Amber either by choice or by necessity.

The land around the city of Necropolis is bleak and gloomy, but much of the shadow is fertile and pleasant. The interior of the Temple at Necropolis has similarly been made homey and bright, an inviting place that will remind many of Amber’s palace, without being too similar.

Deep in the rock below the Temple at Necropolis lies the source of power for Necromancy. Also at this source is a silver sarcophagus containing the body of Prince Finndo, Oberon’s eldest son.


  • Talbott, Son of Finndo
  • Avice, Daughter of Finndo
  • Alanna, Daughter of Osric
  • Severus, Son of Osric
  • Brago, Son of Severus
  • Doriath, Son of Brand
  • Domanic, Son of Sand
  • Freya, Son of Delwin


The Shroud of Silk Drascus