Necromancers of Jetstone

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The Power of Necromancy

It is difficult to get any kind of real information about what Necromancy can do from people in Jetstone. The Power is said to do any number of things, from raising the dead to making land barren to cursing people down their family line. Most persons in Jetstone will only say that Necromancers are evil, to be hated and feared, and leave the matter at that.

The Circle of Bone

Far from Jetstone’s capital, but in the same Shadow, is a dark necropolis ruled by a council of Necromancers. They are the historical enemies of Jetstone, for as long as anyone can remember. The people of Jetstone say that the lands the Circle controls are blighted, that nothing good grows there, and few things at all. Whole cities supposedly populated by the walking dead are rumored to exist.

Most troubling to the people in Jetstone’s palce is the fact that the Circle has not attempted to break through Jetstone’s blockade in quite some time. Instead, Jetstone’s armies now hear rumors of the undead in the shadows they go to conquer. It seems the Circle can move through Shadow as well, and they are using their ability to construct their own undead empire.

Necromancers of Jetstone

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