Jetstone City and Royal Family

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Jetstone is obviously a very fledgeling realm. Though it bears many similarities to Amber or Amethyst in structure, it seems much more young. There isn’t a sense of a great sweep of history, nor a complicated family line. Jetstone is still in the process of discovering and conquering neighboring shadows. The King of Jetstone, Slateley IV, has had only one wife. He is the fourth monarch of his line, suggesting to visiting Amberites that the people of Jetstone are not nearly as long-lived as those of Amethyst or Amber.

The palace and keep of Jetstone sits on a great prominance of black rock, and is built from the same. The city rings this hill of stone, and is walled though not in black. The buildings within the city tend to be of wood and stucco construction for the common people, and stone for the noble or well off.

As with any nation involved in a war of conquest, Jetstone has recruited a high percentage of it’s populace into the army. Soldiers are seen everywhere, but they are not feared, rather, they are celebrated. Entering the army is one of the few ways to rise above the station one was born into, in Jetstone. A peasant who becomes a soldier and can climb into the officer ranks may retire as minor nobility.

The culture and technology level of Jetstone is medieval, though new innovations arriving from other shadows are slowly bringing things to more of a high medieval state. Sorcery is a rare talent in Jetstone, but Oracles are apparently common. Necromancy is also a very common talent, but it is strictly outlawed.

People of Jetstone

  • Slately IV: Fourth monarch of Jetstone, Slately is getting older, and not as vigorous as he once was. Visitors are told that in his youth he lead armies and was feared by all his foes. Now he leaves such duties to his sons, and instead concerns himself with statecraft. Once a physically powerful man, his muscle has begun to run to fat.
  • Prince Detter: Crown Prince of the realm, and feared general, Detter is currently out pursuing a military campaign. Slately has begun to suggest that Detter stay home and take on more adminstrative duties instead of more martial ones, but so long as all he does is suggest, Detter remains at one of Jetstone’s many fronts.
  • Princess Jillian: Slately’s eldest child, Jillian is loved by her people and known in noble circles to be competent at many things. Her broad range of sills does not cover any kind of magic however. With most of her brothers at war, she has taken on the role of Viceroy for her father.
  • Prince Syrian: Named Chief General of Jetstone’s armies as part of Slately’s effort to get the Crown Prince to return home. Syrian has done an admirable job thus far, his exploits in battle and conquest are often spoken of in the city.
  • Princess Delia: A younger daughter of Slately, she has no official title. Of course, as a member of the royal family of a kingdom that spans worlds, she has many duties. Despite those duties, she probably has more leisure than any of her other siblings.
  • Prince Tramenis: Slately’s youngest son, and the only member of the family to have evidenced affinity with the Oracle’s art. Though he has just come into his power, he is already quite skilled at prediction, making him one of his father’s most relied-upon counselors.

Jetstone City and Royal Family

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