The Shroud of Silk

The Beginning

Things as they were when the Shroud of Silk started

Things are tense in the Kingdom of Amber. Corwin, long lost Prince, has returned. Returned with vast armies from Shadow, to fight his brother Eric. Oberon stands by idly, watching the conflict, nor will he allow his eldest surviving son to intercede in the matter. Whole kingdoms of the Golden Circle have been bent to Corwin’s will, and now drive relentlessly to Eric’s Grand Duchy of Anotar. Under assault from troops that sail in steamships and have crude cannons, Anotar burns.

Another strange occurrence that has fallen out of the public view since the reports of Corwin’s return is the estrangement of several kingdoms in the Golden Circle. The people of these kingdoms claim to a man to never have even heard of Amber, nor remember any of their history with her. With all of the troubles of war, and rumors of yet another possible abdication by Oberon, little has been done about this matter.

The disposition of the Crown of Amber is now more precarious that it has been in thousands of years. The Elders seem to be heading toward a Throne War with reckless abandon. The Golden Circle loses cohesion in a strange, mystic way.

With Amber’s usual defenders preoccupied by war and politics, there is great opportunity for new Lords and Ladies to make their mark. Amber will be saved by those who have the will, might, and insight to save her, or she may fall into a terrible dark age.



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