• Planet Shape: Flat
  • Amber Relevant Time: 1x
  • Tech Level: Indoor plumbing, all the modern niceties, minus the guns.

A world full of monsters, Uhllarion is a lowly populated shadow, at least of sentient humanoids. There are only two cities in the entire world, each one only remaining safe from the creatures that inhabit the wildneresses and wastelands because of the Seal users that reside within them.

There have been a few wars over the course of its history, but almost all were broken up by the more sentient creatures (often dragons) taking advantage of the city’s weakness while its Seal users were away. As such, no wars have happened on Uhllarion for over a century. Not to say there isn’t still fighting, but no one is willing to pay the cost of lives a war would take.

  • Prime city is in a heavily forested area, though after about twenty miles the various wastelands touch its outer edges. People live a comfortable life in the city, layed back and joyful, the buildings spread apart to allow everyone their own space. Animals often roam the streets, though the city is kept clean by a wide assortment of labor styled creatures.
  • Ark city is located in a frozen wasteland. It is believed that once it was an island on a vast and beautiful ocean, but was cursed by an ancient ice giant to forever be imprisoned by the cold, after he was denied entrance. The people of ark are a utilitarian society, finding those from Prime who live the easy lifestyle to be sluggards and neverdowells.


The Shroud of Silk Hope