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What are Advancement Points?

Advancement points are additions to your character, increasing the total points that each person has to buy powers, attributes, and all that. Everyone begins with the basic 100 points, with the ability to under or over-spend by 10% of the total. Advancement points are added directly, and change the scale for the ‘Stuff’ points accordingly. After everyone has gotten 50 points of advancement, everyone will be a 150 point character with an opportunity to over or under spend by 15 points.

Getting Points:
Advancement points will be given about once a month or every six weeks or so, usually at the end of a story-arc of some kind. Amber is an unpredictable game, so it may not be possible to set up smaller story arcs on that kind of time schedule, but we’ll try it for as long as it works. In general, there will be a longer period of downtime after each story arc, probably several years at a minimum. Since your characters are immortal, we’ll be focusing on the interesting times and skipping over the long periods where life just sort of continued on.

Spending Points:
When an Advancement session is given, you make a list of what you want, in priority order. It won’t be known how many points are given, and the only way that you’ll know if you got what you asked for will be if you can demonstrate the new ability or are suddenly more competent. Items on the list will be purchased one at a time, and as soon as there aren’t enough points to purchase one of the items, all point-spending will stop.

Next to each item, you indicate if you’d be willing to take Bad Stuff in order to get that item. If so, the GM will overspend you up to 10% of your total points if that will help you purchase the item. If you indicate you’d rather not get bad stuff, no overspending will happen.

Each time advancement points are given, you should generate a new list, the GM won’t start from the first item you couldn’t afford on your previous list. If that’s what you’d like to do, simply put that item at the top of your new list.


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