Wiki Main Characters Journals Rules

Extra points are awarded in a variety of ways. Normally, any time you do something extra that enriches the game, you get some more points to spend when Advancement Points come around.

To keep people from going nuts on extra stuff and dominating the point spread, only two different extras can be counted for each advancement session. Also, the extra points granted won’t exceed a certain percentage of the total Advancement given.

Some ideas for ways to contribute and get extra points are listed below. This is not an exhaustive list, I’m always open to suggestions on other cool things to do.

  • Character Journal: Keeping a journal of your character’s thoughts and exploits. Everyone can do one of these.
  • Campaign Log: Keeping a strict account of things that happened, people that were met, etc. Only one player at a time can do the campaign log.
  • Pictures: Drawing pictures of people, places, or things in the game that are important enough to need a picture is something anyone can do. The picture has to meet a certain artistic standard, stick figures won’t cut it.
  • Trumps: Creating trump decks for use as props is something that can be done, though once everyone has a prop deck that opportunity will have been completed.
  • Wiki Updates: Keeping the wiki updated and full of fun info is worth points, and can be done by anyone. Points will be awarded depending on how much is added, the importance of the information, and how well it’s organized. The most points are awarded for pages that require no editing by the GM and are used as reference by the other players or the GM.


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