Rylan is an urbane, accommodating scion of Amber; the son of Bleys.


Rylan is skilled in the art of war and expresses himself through both artwork and elaborate refinement of the shadows he visits. His style of swordsmanship is somewhat syncretic, having evolved from the instruction of many teachers and many schools of thought. His style of artistry is impressionistic: an approach that he considers advantageous when preparing trumps, as he feels it confers a certain level of ambiguity that is useful in breaking certain barriers against communication.


Rylan is the secret son of Bleys—or was, until Bleys introduced him to Amber society at the birthday party of Zythanimaerias. He maintains a household in a small barony in Bleys’s duchy called Watershade where he lives with a small staff and a few friends whom he has brought from shadow.

He has been in residence now for several years. For many centuries before that he traveled in shadow, experiencing a variety of jobs, vocations, callings, lives, failures, and travels, none the least of which are professional soldier, President of the Pacific Coast States of America, biathlon winner, cult leader, planetary explorer, chemist, pilot, hotel concierge, spy, double agent, stevedore, doctor, and many others.


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