son of Caine.


Dorian can often be seen wearing a forest green tricorne hat, with silver tracery upon his head. On his chest, a white silk shirt with wide sleeves, and a long green coat with silver buttons. On his hands, Dorian often wears black leather gloves, with a tracing of the pattern on palm and back. On his waist, a black leather belt hangs precariously, with silver daggers glistening in the light. A twelve inch, jet-black blade hangs from his right hip. Black pants flow down into high black leather boots, with tops turned down and toes curved up. Silver trim lines both top and sole of these boots, with light silver pattern tracery covering the sides.


Dorian is the third child of Caine, and was born in the Grand Duchy of Raedell. He was raised in shadow, and only returned to Amber recently. He has studied the Pattern under Oberon, and dabbles in magic. Most often, however, he can be found practicing his swordsmanship.


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