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The Barony of Watershade

Duchy: Elmaria

Location: Near a large oasis, at the foot of a long-dead volcano.

Climate: Arid and Hot

Population: ~30,000

Recruitment: 1,000 Primal Plane Men at Arms; 300 Primal Plane Cavalry

Chief Resource: Amethysts

Description: Watershade is centered around an Oasis, built nearly against it. The Oasis is precious to the people of the area, so there are strict rules against fouling it in any way, or building anything too close to the actual water. It’s a major trade center, with regular trade routes as well as serving as the water source for over eight nomadic tribes. The culture of the city is diverse and cosmopolitan, with merchants from half a dozen kingdoms of the Golden Circle to be found there on any given day.

The Baron’s manse is more of a tower, built on an outcropping of rock and rising some eight stories above the rock itself. The upper levels sport balconies that are cooled by the local breezes, and look out on the oasis or the mountain. The top level has a very nice garden, as well as a fountain. The tower’s inside is a mixture of the luxurious and the practical, all balconies and windows can be secured against assault in a matter of minutes.

The local people have minor magic that runs in their blood, known for their ability to channel elemental powers for utility or combat. The sorcery of the locals is not formalized, rather it is considered a mark of nobility and semi-sacred. They resist most attempts to categorize or investigate their powers. They do not mind using those powers in the service of their lord or warband, however. Watershade has occasional trouble with rebellion, and often has trouble with brigands. Neither problem has ever threatened the barony as a whole, but it bears watching.


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