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Trump Genius – 60 points

Trump Memory: At the Genius level, each Trump drawn becomes imprinted on the character’s Psyche so deeply that he can call on its power without holding the card. This also improves the Trump Identification power from the previous level. If the Trump Genius gets a call, and has drawn a card of the caller, he knows instantly who is calling. Only cards created at the Genius level become memorized in this way. However, re-drawing old cards happens quite quickly for a Genius, requiring only an hours or so of work for each card, assuming the cards are on hand to be copied.

Trump Trap: In normal circumstances, the Trump must always depict its subject, since Trump is a visual Power. However, a Genius of Trump can force a Trump card to connect to something other than what is depicted. Such Trumps are known as Trump Traps, because they often connect to something very unpleasant indeed. A Trump Trap requires five times the normal time to create, which means a Trap from Memory requires between 25 and 30 hours to create. Trump Traps cannot be made over multiple sessions so they require a pretty significant effort of will and energy.

Trump Spying: By laying one’s hands lightly on a card, and giving it the barest glimmer of energy, a Trump Genius can make herself privy to most of what crosses that Trump. Surface thoughts of the subject might be able to be read in this way, depending on the power of the mind depicted and how careful the person is.

Should a Trump call be in progress, the spying Trump Genius can hear whatever is projected by the subject of the Trump, so hearing the whole conversation requires two cards, one for each party in the contact. Should one of the two parties think hard on what the other said, that information might be picked up in that way.

Trump Spying is pretty subtle, but it can be detected by someone who is trying to sense such a phenomenon and has a very high psyche. Anyone who is Trump Sensitive might detect a Trump Spy even without being suspicious of one, though that would require Psychic Superiority over the Trump Spy.

Trump Gate: The ultimate power of conquering distance via the mind. A Trump Gate tears open a hole between two persons involved in a Trump Contact. Trump Gates cannot ordinarily be opened to a location card. The size of the gate depends on the Psyche of the opener, and how much energy he wishes to devote to the gate. The larger the gate, the more people can move through at a time, but the less time the gate will last.

A typical gate is about ten or twelve feet tall and about fifteen feet wide. A person of Amber Psyche and Amber Endurance can only hold a typical gate open for a maximum of five minutes. Of course, a Trump Genius rarely has base attributes in Psyche and Endurance. Because of the massive energy involved, creating a Trump Gate will trip almost any Power sense in the Shadows where the gate is created, often in nearby shadows as well.

Trump Reliability: In the normal course of things, Trumps will not cross too great a distance. It’s hard to say how far a person can push a Trump, but too great a time differential or too great a distance in shadow and the Trump will become unreliable, or fail. A Trump Genius doesn’t have this problem, her trumps will always function unless the recipient is actually jammed or the like.


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