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Trump Virtuoso – 45 points

Trump Sketch: Once great skill is attained, a Trump Virtuoso can create a temporary Trump that retains true Trump power, but can be created in a matter of minutes rather than hours. It takes about twenty to thirty minutes to create a Trump Sketch, and the sketched on surface does not gain any of the resistance to damage that a true Trump does. The power of the Trump will fade in time, depending on the Psyche of the creator. A typical time for a sketch to last is about three days.

A Trump Sketch is used the same way as a regular Trump, but it never goes through the contact as a normal Trump does, it always remains behind, even if it was sketched on something portable. Trump Sketches have a shorter range than a normal Trump, being only able to cross about a quarter of Shadow before the connection frizzles.

Trump Defense: By calling upon the memory of how it feels to create a Trump, and drawing a mental self-portrait, a Trump Virtuoso can surround himself in the power of Trump, using it as a shield from other Powers. The defense can be summoned instantly, but it requires all the character’s concentration to use until the mental self-portrait is finished. Bringing the defense up fully usually requires about ten seconds of concentration. Once the Defense is fully established, the character can perform other tasks that do not involve activating other Powers, albeit at a reduced ability from the distraction.

Trump Identification: When getting a Trump Call, a Virtuoso can quickly go through her trumps and try to identify the caller by seeing which Trumps are active. Of course, multiple trumps might be active, thus only narrowing down the possibilities. This ability can also be used when the Virtuoso is not getting a call, allowing a rudimentary form of Trump Spying by seeing who’s trumps are active when. If Eric and Diedre’s trumps are often active at the same time, it stands to reason that they are conversing.

Trump Jamming: By putting a lot of power into a card, a Trump Artist can block that trump so that the subject of it can neither make calls nor receive them. If the subject tries to push against the jamming, a Psychic battle takes place, though neither side will have access to the other’s mind.

Trumps from Memory: It is possible for a Virtuoso to make a trump of someone or some place that is not available for a model. The time to create the trump is at least tripled. Also, this is a method fraught with problems, as the Psychic impression must be near perfect, or the Trump will just connect to a Shadow. The Virtuoso must have a very good idea of the subject’s Psychic signature, gained via long association or some in-depth study.


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