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Greater Shapeshifting – 50 points

Shapeshift Animal Abilities: At the greater level, a character can shapeshift a limb or other body part and gain the full ability of the animal. Wings will be fully functional and the character will know how to fly. Gills will not require any acclimatization, flippers will be efficient from the get-go. This ability only works on recognizable animal abilities, which things fall into that category is up to the Storyteller’s discretion. The main advantage here is that whenever the character creates a limb for some specific purpose, she’ll be proficient in its uses right away.

Creatures of Blood: The blood of a Greater Shapeshifter contains some of his power, and can be formed into tiny homunculi that can do the character’s bidding at a distance. The blood creatures will have a measure of the character’s Powers, but are restricted to Chaos level attributes at most. Still, they are able to move through Shadow as the character does, and can report back telepathically over great distances. Harming the blood creature does not harm the Shapeshifter, and while they can be attacked psychically, they cannot form a conduit for a Psychic attack back to their creator.

Creatures of Blood are draining to create, as ones of any decent size require a lot of blood loss, but they are among the most useful temporary minions any character will have.

Duplicate Organs: The most powerful Shapeshifters can duplicate some of their vital organs, the better to survive fights. They can also move those organs around so that a blow in the expected spot might not pierce the heart, for instance. Only a few organs can be duplicated, limited by the Character’s Endurance. At most, three organs might be duplicated. The most popular organs to duplicate are the heart and lungs. The brain cannot be duplicated, and in most cases it’s not wise to move it away from the protective shell of the skull.

Moving an organ counts against the duplication limit, so moving one’s heart into one’s hips uses up a ‘slot’ that might have been used to create a second heart. Once the organs are duplicated or moved, a process which takes at least a month and a lot of concentration, the new organ arrangement is permanent, and part of all forms the character possesses. No additional effort need be spent to maintain extra hearts in other forms.

Shapeshift Others: With effort, and permission or by winning a Psychic contest, a Greater Shapeshifter can apply any Rank 1 or Rank 2 Shapeshifting effect to another person. Unless changed back by another Greater Shapeshifter, the affected body part reverts back to normal at the rate that it would have regenerated if it had been totally cut from the body.

This power can also be used to heal others. When used in this fashion, it severely drains the Endurance of the patient. The patient will be weak for a few days or perhaps even a week depending on her Endurance and how severe the injuries were. If the injuries are not completely healed before the patient ran out of Endurance, no further healing will occur until her character’s Endurance has recovered.

Stable Shift: Greater Shapeshifters have less need to build new natural forms. Once a limb or features have been Shapeshifted the form is ‘stable’, not requiring concentration until another change is made.

Healing Factor: Greater Shapeshifters heal at a rate twice that of those who do not know their bodies as well. They regenerate lost limbs or other parts three times as fast.


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