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Shapeshifting – 35 points

Avatar Form: Once a Shapeshifter reaches the more mature level of the power, there is another ‘natural’ form that can be accessed, the powerful Avatar form. Avatar form is extremely draining to maintain, it burns Endurance like it’s going out of style. However, during the time the character is shifted, all her attributes are boosted, and she has a strong resistance to damage and powers. Once a character moves to Avatar form, the battle must be concluded quickly, or she must have allies to back her up, because once the form ends she’ll be near helpless for several hours.

Amberite Avatar Forms tend to look like magical beasts, Dragons, Gryphons, Sphinx and the like. The form will sometimes remain humanoid, with magical beast features, or it may be fully the shape of the mystic beast. No Amberite so far has manifested a Unicorn form.

Chaosian Avatar forms are more elemental in nature, a vague form of fire, ice, earth, lightning, poisonous gas, or the like.

Shape Facial Features: At this level of Shapeshifting, the character can change his facial features to mimic another being, or create a completely new face. Other cosmetic changes are possible over the rest of the body, slight change in build, skin tone change, and such can make the character look like a totally different person. It’s not possible to change something as big as the character’s gender, and the build/height can only change by about 10% either way.

Concentration must be maintained to keep from shifting back to the character’s true form, but it’s not too strenuous. With some practice a Shapeshifter could go weeks in the alternate shape without losing control. However, an intense enough conflict that demands all of the character’s attention will cause the Shapeshifter’s disguise to come loose unless he’s willing to fight below his best ability.

Shape Body Parts: A body part can be shaped for a specific purpose, giving a hand claws for climbing, turning feet into flippers, adding gills to the neck, and so forth. As with shape shifted features, concentration is required to maintain the bodypart, so the character will not be at her best while using the new limb. However, the advantage of having one’s limbs perfectly suited to the new environment is normally enough that the Shapeshifter doesn’t mind.

New Natural Form: With a great deal of practice, and no small amount of physical pain, a Shapeshifter can learn a new ‘natural’ form. The forms normally posessed are Human, Warform, and Avatar. New forms can be added so that the Shape Shift Limbs or Shape Shift features abilities can be used without extra concentration. A Shapeshifter may know only so many ‘natural’ forms at a time. Excluding the basic forms, a Shapeshifter can know only 2-5 more forms, depending on Endurance. If the character is at his limit and wishes to learn a new form, he must forget one of the known ones. This process happens automatically during learning the new form, and the character choses which form to lose.

Learning a new form takes time, usually a full week of concentrated effort. That time can be spread out over greater amounts of time if the character wishes to do other things during the learning process, but at least two hours a day must be devoted to form learning or the character must start over. Once the form is mastered, it becomes a truly natural form and can be assumed only slightly more slowly than one of the base forms.


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