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Shapeshifting is an internal power for the most part, affecting only the user. Shapeshifting requires tremendous amounts of energy, requiring the user to eat a lot more often and a lot greater volume than normal. Usually this is not a problem for Amberites as food is readily available in Shadow. Unlike most powers, Shapeshifting relies mostly on Endurance for the ability to shift multiple times in a day, Psyche is only slightly important to a Shapeshifter.

Lesser Shapeshifting – 20 points

Shapeshift Wounds: One of the most important abilities of Shapeshifting is the ability to shape one’s own wounds closed. This is an easy shift to do, as the ‘normal’ state of the body is it be wound free. The damage is still done, and must be healed normally, but once the wounds are closed blood loss is no longer a factor. This can tip the balance in many fights, as Endurance drain from wounds is almost entirely blood loss related.

War Form: Shapeshifters can easily move to a battle form that protects them as if they had put on a suit of armor and taken up a weapon. This form does not drastically change the character’s attributes, but it will provide a small boost to Warfare and Strength. At the time that the character learns Shapeshifting the player chooses either Warfare or Strength to gain a greater boost when shifting to the War Form.

Amberites in War Form take on the appearance of Ogres, Trolls, Lizardmen, or Giants, growing in size a bit, bulking up, and getting thick skin and heavy bone structures. They often have claws, or bone spurs to use as weapons for either Strength or Warfare combat.

Chaosians in War Form are more demonic looking usually, with a wider variety of forms that involve wild skin colors, scales, armored plates, horns, wings and such. The bonuses for either type of form are the same, but the Chaosians have the more demonic aesthetic while the Amberites look more like creatures from Greek or Norse myth.

Automatic Shapeshift: When in dire circumstances, any Shapeshifter can give their Power over to their brainstem and just shapeshift into the most survivable form for the current situation. Be it an insulated form to survive fire or cold, a less dense form to fall more slowly, or a form with gills to survive drowning, Automatic Shapeshift can handle it all.

The drawback is that the character loses control over how the shift is occuring, and may even lose control over his or her actions if the situation is extreme enough that his brain thinks a powerful flight or fight response is required to get away from the danger. However, Automatic Shapeshifting is the fastest possible way to deal with a hostile situation, and remains very useful for surviving sudden disastrous environments.


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