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Retainers will grow and change over time, but the attributes they begin with depend upon where they were recruited from.

Amber: Retainers from Amber have all their attributes at a minimum of Chaos. They will often have a single attribute at Amber level. Some exceptional persons may even have more than one Amber ranked attribute, though having all attributes at Amber level is extremely unlikely without some measure of royal blood.

Rebma: Rebman retainers will have most attributes at Chaos level, and will often have one human ranked attribute and one Amber rank. Some exceptional members will have no Human attribute at all, while others will lack the Amber rank attribute.

Primal Plane: Anyone who hails from a Primal Plane is quite likely to have at least one attribute at Chaos rank. Some of the more exceptional individuals will have two, or sometimes even three Chaos ranked attributes.

Shadow: Regular persons from Shadows that are not special in some way will simply begin with Human ranked attributes.


Soldiers have many different levels of skill that affect their abilities. Depending on what sort of soldiers are recruited, an army can actually be stronger than a larger force.

Conscripts: Conscripts have little or no training at all in fighting. They are essentially peasants, with professions from farmer to baker, who have been pressed into service with a fighting force. Conscripts are by far the worst troop type, they will be unable to use any weapon more complex than spears or shotguns effectively, and their morale breaks extremely easily.

Men At Arms: These troops have been trained for at least a year or more, and are the equivalent of ‘Reserve Guard’ troops. They have a main profession other than soldier, but they get regular training each month and can be quickly mobilized into a fighting force. They should be considered competent with whatever weapons they are normally equipped with, and can perform basic maneuvers.

Soldiers: These troops are professional soldiers, they have no other jobs that they work at. When not fighting or traveling, they have some sort of constant training schedule, and will always be in fighting trim. They are generally mobilized all the time, ready to move out, and they are very flexible about picking up new weapons. Morale is high.

Knights/Commandos: These troops belong to some kind of specialized training program, be it a modern military program or the training from a very young age of noble persons. They are dedicated to the pursuit of fighting ability, seeking to better their skills any way they can. They tend to be extremely well equipped and motivated, morale issues are negligible except in the worst cases.

Elites: These troops are used to moving in Shadow, and adapting to changing weapons and circumstances. They probably have recived training from an Amberite or Lord of Chaos. Elites suffer minimal problems from moving through Shadow, and are less likely to be lost on the way. A typical Elite soldier is obsessed with both fighting and serving the Lord who recruited and trained him. Their morale does not break unless some mind-affecting magic or the like is used.

Veteran: Troops that have been blooded in combat will have Veteran added to whatever their type is, so they will be listed as Veteran Men at Arms, Veteran Knights, etc. Veteran troops are more skilled and have far better morale. Conscripts are the only troop type that does not become veteran. Instead, Conscripts that have fought enough battles are considered to be basic Men at Arms.


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