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Pattern Weave – 75 points

Shadow Walking: When walking in Shadow, intangible conditions may now be ascribed to the Image the Amberite walks toward. Things such as, “A Shadow that Bleys might frequent”, or “A Shadow where I am the very image of an ancient King” are possibilities. The only thing still out of reach is determining the actual position of the Shadow in the grand scheme of Shadow and Substance. One cannot walk toward Fast Shadows, Slow Shadows, or Primal Shadows, except by luck or careful investigation.

Greater Probability Manipulation: Probability changes can now be sustained, that is, a Master of Pattern can contest with another such Master to twist the Probability back and forth until the greater of Psyche or Endurance wins. Multiple events can be affected at the same time now, though four or five probabilities is the limit for a strong mind.

Greater Shadow Manipulation: A large area, the size of an average house can now be affected. A Master of Pattern can even affect nearby Shadows, two to four away. This can create a zone of control that resembles Amber itself a little, especially if the Master of Pattern is in a Primal Plane.

Shadow of Destiny: A Shadow itself can be manipulated so that it lies in the path of a certain Shadow Walker. If the Shadow that is manipulated in any way fulfills the requirements of the Shadow Walker’s desire, it will become the destination. Even a Shadow Walker who is wary of such things may find themselves in a Shadow of Destiny if they cannot beat the Psyche of the Pattern Master.

Pattern Awareness: The Master of Pattern becomes sensitive to any disturbance in the natural order of things without having to concentrate or activate any power. The stronger the character’s Psyche, the more distant or faint a Power is detected. Of course, if the Pattern Master wishes to concentrate on this ability, he can boost it a bit as well. Magic, Logrus, Trump, Shapeshifting, these all can be sensed, though some are easier to sense (Logrus), and some are more difficult (Shapeshifting).

Pattern Awareness extends to other things as well, such as nearby Shadowstorms, very old Shadow Paths, and any nearby manipulation of Shadow. A Pattern Master can also tell what the time differential is between Amber and whatever shadow he’s in, by concentrating for a minute or two. The Pattern Master may have difficulty figuring out what the particular disturbance is, unless it is strong, but the sense of something unnatural happening will trigger on almost any Power or strange occurance.

Pattern Projection: Though it is difficult to do without the Jewel of Judgement, a Master of the Pattern can project raw Pattern energy outside of her body, infusing areas, people, or objects with Pattern. In the normal course of things, this has the effect of ‘normalizing’ an area, returning it to its base state. This strips away Sorcerous Spells, Chaos Manipulations, Shadow Manipulations, and other disturbances. It can help calm Shadow Storms and erase the tracks of a Shadow Path.

This ability is more powerful the closer one is to Amber, in Chaos it will require a signifigant boost over the Psyche of the person who laid down the opposing power. In most of Shadow, some advantage will be required over the Psyche of the opposing Power user, depending on how close Amber is. In Amber or Rebma, a character who is actually inferior in Psyche can wipe foreign powers out, as those realms are naturally resistant to any outside Power other than Trump.

Pattern Projection cannot completely shut Trump down, though it can create a sort of ‘interference’ which makes Trump more difficult to use. The Trump Genius ability of Trump Reliability negates Pattern Projection’s influence on Trump. Against Logrus, Sorcery, and many other strange Powers out of Shadow, Pattern Projection is quite effective. Against internal powers, like Shapeshifting, it can still have a strong effect, though the Psyche advantage required increases for any Pattern Projection attempt that actually infuses Pattern into an unwilling being who is real enough to have the use of a True Power.

The ability of Pattern Projection has many uses, flooding an area with Pattern to shut down other powers is merely the most flashy and crude use of it, as weather control is merely the most obvious and rudimentary use of the Jewel. The true scope of this ability is beyond this section of the rules to explain, but some interesting facts about it follow.
  • Pattern Projection applied to Shadow makes it more real, eventually even converting Shadow to Substance.
  • Infusion with Pattern energy is not predictable, the effect depends on both the item or creature, and the person doing the infusing.
  • Slow long-term and fast short-term applications of the same amount of Pattern energy have different effects on the same item or creature.
  • Pattern imposes Form, which is to say that it imposes a specific concept on something, using what came before as a basis but not being limited by that.
  • Pattern breaks things down. Before anything is shaped by Pattern, it must be unshaped, undone first. Experimenting with the boundary between un-shaping something and imposing shape on it will yield interesting results.


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