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Pattern Inscription – 50 points

Shadow Walking: At this level of ability, an Amberite can have a lot more control over what the shadows she walks to are like. The culture and general attributes of the shadow can now be defined. As before, the Amberite walks toward an image, but she can now define what that image means more completely. For instance, an image of an ancient church at the previous level could be interpreted by the Storyteller to be and old church in a modern city, a church from a long lost civilization, surrounded by barbarians, or a church in use by a medieval society. At this level, the player can make that determination.

This allows the player to define the general magical or technological nature of the shadow, making it much more likely that specific items or types of people sought will be found. Other things that can be determined at this level are things like the type of government, fads and fashions, even general moral trends. These things can all make it far easier for an Amberite to accomplish her goals, if the shadow is set up to be friendly to what she plans to do.

Hellriding: Hellriding remains much the same, though the range of options for places to Hellride to are expanded as with Shadow Walking.

Shadow Manipulation: Larger areas of Shadow can be manipulated now, up to the size of a large living room, and these manipulations can be more subtle or more dramatic than they were at the previous level. Some area of a hill can be manipulated so that it is prone to a rock slide, a vehicle can be changed on a journey so that it continues to function despite going from Shadow to Shadow. Making a manipulation that is natural looking or seeming in the Shadow is easiest, as is manipulating shadow stuff that is close by. The maximum reach of a manipulation is determined by the character’s Psyche, but even the greatest minds cannot manipulate Shadow that is more than a hundred yards or so away.

Probability Manipulation: Rather than travel to a whole new shadow where events are falling out differently, an Amberite with this level of Pattern knowledge can do a special kind of Shadow Manipulation where probability is directly manipulated. Given an event that seems dependent on chance, an Amberite can make a push for it to fall out one way or another. For example, the fall of a coin, a guard’s choice to stay by a warm fire for a few more minutes, the lights at an intersection changing, or a gust of wind coming by at just the right time to cover the sound of quiet movement.

When changing Probability at this level, the Amberite cannot manipulate it more than once. He makes his change and hopes no one else is around to change things as well. Also, persons and creatures of Substance cannot be affected by a mere Shadow Manipulation as they are not of Shadow themselves.

Pattern Defense: By wrapping herself in the energy of the Pattern, an Amberite can protect herself from most threats generated by other Powers such as Logrus, Sorcery, Trump, or even Shapeshifting if it were being applied directly to her. Activating the Pattern Defense takes time, but as soon as an Amberite draws on the Pattern, some defense is available. The act of drawing on the Pattern involves a mental-construction of the Pattern itself in one’s mind’s eye. Until that Pattern is fully drawn, a process that can take up to ten seconds, the Amberite will be hard pressed to do anything but concentrate on finishing the defense.

Once the Pattern Defense is fully constructed, the character can do more than just hold it. Any activity the character can normally perform, except call upon another power, can be performed with the Pattern Defense up. The character will be distracted by holding on to the Pattern Defense, and her attributes will be temporarily reduced accordingly, for the purposes of any contests. Trump Contact can be made with the Pattern Defense up, but no active uses of Trump Power can be performed, such as creating cards or sketches, Trump Gates, or other special uses of Trump power.

Pattern Defense, as with any other Power Defense, allows the character to directly resist Powers with her Psyche and Endurance.


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