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Pattern Sorcery

Pattern Sorcery draws upon the power of the Pattern directly. Thus it is more powerful in places that have a strong Pattern presence, especially in Amber itself. The power increase is not terribly steep, but it is noticeable. Pattern sorcery is not useless in Chaos, nor is it overwhelming in Amber. All things being equal, however, a Pattern Sorcerer can expect to beat a Logrus sorcerer when the battle takes place in Amber, and in Chaos, their positions will be reversed.

Pattern Spells are hung into energy that arises when the Sorcerer meditates on the shape of the Pattern. They are sometimes said to be hung ‘in the blood’, and Pattern Sorcerers are sometimes called blood mages by those who use a different source of power.

Pattern spells are very easy to make large, and elaborate, as the Pattern is an agent of stability. Thus even a dabbling sorcerer can include more lynchpins in her spell than she normally would be able to use. Spells hung by Pattern users tend to be strong, long lasting, and versatile. The Pattern itself is finite, has only so many twists and turns and corners. Pattern sorcerers typically have a lower limit on the total number of spells they can hang.

Pattern Sorcery Extensions

These Sorcery extensions are only available to sorcerers that use Pattern as their power source. Some of them may be purchasable by dabblers, and if so that will be noted in the extension’s description.


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