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Sorcery Dabbling – 10 Points

Dabblers in Sorcery have not yet learned to harness the true power of their power, or have no interest in exploring the depths of what can be done with energy. Many sorcerers remain at this level, content to perform a few minor effects that extend their capabilities without having to get into serious study.

  • Hang Spells: Dabblers can hang spells in the manner appropriate to their base power. They typically cannot hang as many spells, and cannot create complex spells that use the full number of Lynchpins that a more mature sorcerer would be able to create.
    • Pattern: Dabblers can manage to fit five spells into their personal version of the Pattern. They can create stable spells that contain up to four Lynchpins.
    • Logrus: A dabbling Logrus sorcerer with a decent Psyche can create and manage between eight and twelve spells depending on the time investment he’s willing to devote. These spells must be fairly simple and stable, containing no more than two lynchpins.
    • Trump: A Trump sorcerer just beginning can maintain connections to only seven or eight cards at a time, depending on Psyche. These spells can hold up to three lynchpins before they simply are too abstract for the card to represent.
  • Perform Rituals: In many ways, rituals are easier than hung spells. The sorcerer has plenty of time, resources, and does not need to worry overmuch about the structure of the spell. The chanting of words of power and the channeling of energy simply continues until the desired effect is reached. Ritual spells can achieve great effect, and can be cast by multiple sorcerers working together, thus greatly expanding the options for what sort of magic might be possible.
  • Surge Spells: A sorcerer can always just hurl raw energy from his base power and try to shape it on the way. This has a ruinous personal cost in energy expended, and always results in sloppy, easily countered spells. If a spell that was surged is being maintained, and the sorcerer’s concentration is broken by some great surprise or a wound, the spell may fall apart on the spot.
  • Basic Lynchpins: Dabbling sorcerers can use only basic lynchpin actions. These lynchpins can move a spell around, help it work past defenses, and in all ways direct the spell so that it takes the best possible effect. What lynchpins at this level cannot do is change the way the spell works. What was initially cast is all the spell can do.


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