New Powers

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Powers other than the ones listed at the top of the Rules page will be options after the game begins. There are two basic ways to gain a new power. Your character could create the new power, or your character could discover the power.

Discovering Powers

Discovering a Power is probably the more likely route for getting a new power. Powers exist in Shadow or elsewhere, and could be stumbled across by someone who’s walking in Shadow. Antagonists may manifest new and interesting Powers, and characters may want to track down the source of those Powers and acquire them.

A discovered Power will require a fair amount of in-game time to fully learn. Having a guide that already knows the power will speed this process up a lot, but that’s not always possible. Most powers require initiations of some kind, which are generally dangerous and require some minimum attribute level to pass safely. Other Powers are expressions of a person’s innate abilities, and simply require study and training to use.

Either way, the point cost for the Power will eventually be revealed, whereupon it can be purchased. Discovered Powers are generally purchased in three ascending levels, as with the ‘normal’ Powers. Rarely, a Power might be purchased piecemeal, at least for the first level, but this will never work for Powers that have an initiation. For those, it’s all or nothing on taking the first level.

Before a discovered Power is purchased, the player will be given some idea about what the first level of the Power will do, but not all the details. Once the Power is purchased entirely, the player can get a sheet explaining exactly what the Power does. There’s a little risk inherent in this, so careful in-game research of how the Power works and what it does is recommended.

Creating New Powers

This refers to two things, either suggesting a new power to the GM, and then finding it somewhere in Shadow during the game, or having your character actually forge a new power. The first option is much easier, and will essentially lead to a new discoverable power that can be found in-game.

Creating a power that is truly new to the Amber Universe is something that should be undertaken with a lot of discussion out of character before anything too involved happens in-character. A new power is possible, but will be very hard and point-consuming to make, usually requiring a sort of ‘super construct’ that grants or creates the power. Each Power will be different, and some may be more reasonably priced if they are not exceptionally powerful or varied in their use. Though this type of power is extremely expensive, the primary advantage is that your character is literally the only one who has it.

New Powers

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