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Logrus Mastery – 40 Points

Logrus Defense
After calling up the Logrus the character may focus on its chaotic depths, wrapping herself in its power. This requires most of the character’s concentration but grants them significant resistance to all powers.

Shape Shadow
A Logrus master may use her tendrils to literally shape shadow, up to about the size of a large house or mansion. The rules of the shadow remain the same but beyond that, any changes are possible. The speed of the shadow shaping is dependant on the psyche of the character, though generally speaking something the size of a mansion will take about an hour to do. Smaller changes are much faster.

Improved Logrus Tendrils
Logrus tendrils now act at a higher level, they use most of the character’s warfare, or somewhat below the characters psyche in strength.

Sense Shadow Area
The character may focus on the Logrus and “sense” the area of shadow. This allows them to see what nearby shadows are like as well as sense shadow disturbances in the area. Doing so requires concentration and at least five minutes.

Black Path
A black path may be made to create a road through shadow. The black path traverses from shadow to shadow. The Logrus user sends the black path into nearby shadows and then continues to grow it with her tendrils. It is not a fast way to travel shadow, but it can easily be followed by others. Black Paths are uncomfortable for non chaos dwellers to travel upon. After a black path is created it will slowly fade unless it is maintained by the Logrus user. Generally a path will last about two weeks untended.


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