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The King’s Road Barony

Duchy: Arden

Location: On the Amber Castle side of Arden, along the main road.

Climate: Temperate

Population: ~3,000

Recruitment: 100 Amberite Men at Arms; 500 Amber Soldiers (Wardens)

Chief Resource: None (Tolls)

Description: Though it is not large, the King’s Road Barony is an important one as it watches over the gateway out of Arden to the city and castle of Amber. There is no more to it than a small town and a toll station, plus the ancient wooden fortress where the Baron lives. In the absence of the Baron, the King’s Road Barony is administered by the Amber City Viceroy.

The Wardens maintain the security of the city regardless of the Baron’s presence, leaving the Baron or Viceroy to collect the tolls. They are under the Baron’s command, but require little if any supervision to do their duties.


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