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The Wardens of Arden

Nation: Amber

Type: Soldier Order – Active

Membership: Elite Soldiers of Arden and those Julian sponsors

Operational Area: Arden Forest

Organizational Focus: Security of Arden and Amber

Heraldry: Members of the Order add a green leaf to their Heraldry.

Motto: Eyes among the Trees, Hearts joined to the Green.

Description: The Arden Wardens are Julian’s personal guard, all of them highly trained warriors. The officers usually receive personal instruction from Julian himself. They maintain a series of small strong points across the vast forest, along with weapon caches and kennels.

Wardens are usually trained from the time they are very young, and spend nearly their entire lives in the forest, learning every turn of the trails, every landmark. They are not easy to escape without walking in Shadow, and even then it’s said that one cannot get away, as Julian has established Wardens in the Shadows of Arden as well.


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